Loryn (AKA Lorin Drexler) is an American music producer, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Rooted from the windy city of Chicago and currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, he has performed coast to coast in cities from New York to California. Experimental in nature, provocative in metaphor, and mellifluous in sound, art truly is the music and ritual of his practice.

Writing freelance poetry at the age of 15 began the footwork of these projections and aspirations to create sound. Having an interest in lyrical poetry, his desire progressed to songwriting and guitar. At 18, he formed a transitory first band, The Screaming Poets. Shortly after, while attending Columbia College Chicago for creative writing, he organized another project called Satori. This group featured an accoutrement of musicians and styles over the course of its existence. From indie-folk to punkish hard rock to downtempo electronica, it was its own versatile caravan.

Post-Satori and a plethora of songs later, he was initiated into the world of electronic music production and engineering, getting hands-on with computer software and a keyboard controller. Furthering his advancement in the technological arts, he attended SAE Institute located in New York City.

The introduction to electronic music was a seed planted many years ago while working with a friend producer/DJ. Over the years, that seed developed into a unique cohesion of computer production with organic artifacts. This elemental form of designing music is now becoming of this artist.

As a performer, Loryn has played alongside artists such as Local H and Rusted Root frontman, Michael Glabicki. He has played multiple music festivals and parades, venues as extravagant as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Double Door, and worked with avant-garde theatre giants, Collaboraction, as outsourced musical talent. As a music producer, Loryn has released three studio albums, all with worldwide distribution. In addition to his repertoire as a music artist, Lorin has produced other artists such as Chase Makai from Nahko and Medicine for the People, Ammon & Lia out of Utah, and the Beach Road Band in Hawaii.